Our Approach

-Experiencing modern civilization and enjoying a healthy life is our goal!

Tianshi relies on top biotechnology to combine the traditional Chinese health regimes and modern medical essence. Our international standards include advanced production equipment and technique, and a firm quality management system to ensure the premium products our customers demand. New products are developed with strict accordance with different nationality and beliefs. The company has passed the international standard ISO-9002 certificate for quality authentication.

We embrace a 5000 year old philosophy called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This philosophy is based on the use of Chinese herbals that is now becoming one of the fastest growing areas in the health care industry.

* TCM is the practice that encourages our body to maintain a healthy balance of energy.
* Qi (pronounced ‘chi’) is the flow of energy in our body.

The balance of energy is the key within the concepts of Yin & Yang and the Five Elements as the major body organs work in harmony with one another for optimal health and wellness. Yin and Yang must maintain complete balance and harmony with each other. Disturbing the balance may cause health problems.

Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang is a fundamental principal of Chinese wellness philosophy that speaks of the opposites that exist in all living things. They are the two basic energy systems in life that are opposite to and codependent upon each other.

* Yin manifests itself as endogenous, resting, decelerating, darkening, material and contracting.
* Yang manifests itself as exogenous, moving, accelerating, warming up, brightening, energy and expanding.

The Yin & Yang forces are believed to be cyclical, moving and evolving into each other, represented by the white dot on the black Yin side of the symbol, and by the black dot on the white Yang side.

The Five Elements

This is another ancient Chinese philosophical theory that every system is composed of certain basic elements or categories - metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

* Each element supports, sustains and balances one another, thus maintaining the stability of the body system. They generate the seasons and other characteristics of nature that impact the balance our inner ecosystem.
* In a state of balance, for instance, the body's five internal organs (the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys) promote each other to make the body strong with a prolonged life.

Yin & Yang + Five Elements = Overall Balance
The Yin and Yang accomplish changes through the Five Elements. The Five Elements evolve from and prevail over each other to keep an overall balance.

The interactions among 5 elements:
Fire evolved from wood, because wood can catch fire
Earth evolved from fire, as anything on fire becomes ashes
Metal evolved from earth, because metals are from the earth               
Water evolved from metal, as all metals can melt into liquid
Wood evolved from water, because water is indispensable for      
Wood prevails over earth, because trees grow out of the earth
Earth prevails over water, as earth stops the flood
Water prevails over fire, because it extinguishes fire
Fire prevails over metal, as heat melts metals
Metal prevails over wood, because wood can be cut or sawn by       
The above, when understood, becomes the first step towards a better understanding of 5-element theory which at first sounds mythical and profound. In fact, with the development of this 5-element theory, it has been endowed with more meaning. The following is an analogy drawn by Chinese scholars majoring in preserving health by comparing the nature of these elements:
Liver associates with wood
Heart associates with fire
Spleen associates with earth
Lung associates with metal
Kidney associates with water
Circulation of Assimilation: liver-heart-spleen-lung-kidney
Circulation of Depression: liver-spleen-kidney-heart-lung
These interactions have been tested and approved by human clinical experiments. For example, spleen turns food and water into nutrition and vigor to nourish the lung. A bad functioning lung will impair the function of the spleen.

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