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 My name is DAINA.I am from Latvia,Riga. I am very glad to meet you! You came on my site and there are opportunities offered to you if YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE or BRING SOMETHING NEW into it.
At the moment, I can say that I am a happy, successful person who enjoys this style of life that most people can only dream of.
More than 7 years I am helping other people build their own successful business . Now I can also help you to become a master of your life and earn  passive income.
In another 30 years, I drew attention to the fact that successful people are inherently different from those who have to trudge on the "margins of life. Also, I noticed that all of them work exclusively for themselves. And all this happened after one of my mentors said: "If a man wants to change his life, he should change himself, if a person wants to get rich, he should work for themselves." It was at this point, I decided to work on themselves and, of course, work for themselves.
 In fact, it consists in reaching the FINANCIAL HEIGHTS and who wants to achieve such an important goal should first of all be ready to change his “BRAIN”
I had always dreamed about an interesting life, a life full of a prosperity and freedom. But instead of realizing   my dreams, I had some years as the majority of people, been actively building a career for life, unfortunately helping  unconsciously others to achieve their purpose, but only not to achieve MINE.  my life and the most  invaluable  resource TIME , I change  for money, instead of making  that  I really like. I have found the way to make my dream comes true, to become the real owner of my life   and to earn  a financial freedom.  
Our thoughts possess force. The human being is a magnet, and each event in his life occurs bad or good because he  has drawn it up  I found where such an important knowledge is available.  Now  I’ve got my own business .My masters  like   Rendy Gage,Roberto Kioysaki,  Bodo Schafer and others  I’ve got also famous business partners such as  as Sergey Logvin, Vladimir Larin, Lois Tandem, Kediaman Trisulo,Jessica Lim  just to name a few . One can only dream of the life they live! Thank to all these success peoples and my business too,I have been able to make my dreams come true! I  had been dreaming of  a big and comfortable house , I have already built one , I had been dreaming of driving  a new car from shop  , I have already got two ! I had been dreaming to travel , nowadays I almost travel all over the world , I had been dreaming to   go shopping every day  and never care about  prices , Today those dreams have simply become a banal reality of  the everyday life  for me ! I had been dreaming  of the passive income - doing nothing and thus earning incomes- Very cool, not true ? So do I live today !  I don't dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living!
You have  to concentrate yourself  on what you want  and choose the  necessary direction What you really trust always occurs with you  and  what makes these events come true is precisely your faith.


With  the  founder of TIENS president Li Jinyuan.

 With Sergejs Logvins ,The leader from   Byelorussia. My good teacher  in company Tiens.

 With Rendy Gage ,the best teacher.

  With  Kediaman Trisulo, the best leader

 With Jessica Lim ,the  best leader

What you become  depends on how you  think .

A burning and diligent desire to achieve such goals will help you to build your own business which will undoubtedly change your life and I WILL HELP YOU!
Now I any more do not work on hiring, I don’t need  to  rise in the morning on an alarm clock, and I decide by myself , when and how long  to have a rest, and my "office" is there where there is a computer and the Internet.

It is pleasant to me, that the given opportunity not " a magic tablet for all ", and the true and concrete business with serious people who’ve got many experiences through difficulties and who have the pleasure to work hard  for more and more  victories!

James Paul Gee  said: «I would rather  have  one  percent  of  the efforts off one hundred people, than  one  hundred percent  of  my  own  efforts
To achieve such a goal you should be possessed by desire of success, you should create your own dream instead of borrowing from others.

You were born to win, but to be winner, you must plan to win prepare to win, and expect to win

Each of these steps that you will make will be true and very important for it is your Choice and your Life.

  I am totally satisfied , I just want more !  






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