Earn money with us! Have a best car! And the nice house! Then a cool yacht!


And now I would like to  talk about YOU and your dreams….! Remember  when you were 8,10 years old you dreamed to buy a beautiful car , to build  a large and beautiful house to become a famous footballer, an actor, cosmonaut or even scientist. You dreamed to become rich but your dreams do not seem to have become true  
But the time passes and you grow and you are already 12 years old, you go with your  parents to a  shop and you say – "Mum buy me this toy  or I these shoes and jeans, they answer to you – "  MY Dear ,IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE AND WE CAN'T  AFFORD IT » So, from childhood, your parents inculcated  in  your BRAIN the «PROGRAMME OF POVERTY» 

After the  Nursery  , the Primary ,Secondary school, and  the university  you finally found a JOB. (Is this job that of your dream?) No, unfortunately  in about 90 % of cases. You have perhaps begun  to look for another job, because you can earn  a few hundred more and it is situated  at 50 km -even i100 or 200 km from your  home. And you are already 25,30,35,40,45,50 years old. and notice   that you have completely  forgotten and even simply  betrayed   your dreams and now live in utter despair.. Some have  been able to earn an acceptable living  and most of them unfortunaletly NOT.! The result is simple and the same for all : DURING THEIR WHOLE  LIFE THEY HAVE WORKED "for their uncle" by unconsciously  helping him to accomplish HIS DREAMS ,.They sacrificed their own dreams . That's how 96 % people in an advanced  age realise that they have not recieved  what they were expecting from life and what they dreamed  about. 
There's another notorious fact
And you transfer this relay race of POVERTY further to children, grandsons in the inheritance. And in shop when you want  to buy something  you look all over againand agian, compare the prices  and then simply say " IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE I CAN AFFORD  IT " And when you go in  cafe,  you  look all over again carefully at the prices  before placing any order .You comdemn  yourself  gradually and  are  accostomed  to  poverty .
Prosperity is a way of living and thinking ,and not just money or things.Poverty is a way of living and  thinking ,and not just a lack of money or things.



 Money is a piece of miracle in your life. It is a powerful force, with grants us it he  right to be oneself. It allows to do what you  want, to go where you want and to become whom want. Money is the  God of actions! Poverty pushes people to  boxes,  deceit, larceny and even murder. In poverty there is NOTHING beneficial. Poverty  is completely abominable!
 Today your work can be low-paid or simply not be paid at all . But if you have a dream all will change. You create in your  mind   a picture of the best life. You receive only what you deserve, neither it is more nor less. You can become  insignificant  or great,  the most impudent, courageous and YOUR HOPES  CAN BECOME COLOURFUL .
 You will live that life, which appears to you in the dreams and to which you program your thoughts. Let it be soft and pleasing.



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